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Legacy can mean different things to different people. Wayfinder Capital defines your financial legacy as the possibilities your wealth can create for others. Many of our clients want their lives to have an impact that surpasses their own lifetime. We can achieve this goal with generational wealth planning.

This goal can be defined in many ways: charitable donation, business succession, or simply passing on wealth to your intended beneficiaries. Wayfinder Capital can help put a strategy in place that meets your wishes, regardless of how you want to leave a legacy.

We begin with the foundational documents necessary to ensure you and your family are prepared:

  • Will
  • Durable Power of Attorney
  • Health Care POA
  • Living Will
  • Living (Inter Vivos) Trust

These foundational documents can help to avoid very difficult situations for your intended beneficiaries.

Next, we look at generational Wealth Planning. There are numerous options for trusts and estate planning techniques that can help you avoid probate, estate taxes, excessive legal fees, unintended beneficiaries, or generation-skipping taxes.

Our team partners with legal experts to craft a comprehensive estate plan that ensures your wishes are carried out and those you want to benefit from your wealth benefit the most.

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