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Your investable assets aren’t just numbers on a screen. These assets are the results of effort, sacrifice, and the success you’ve managed to achieve throughout your lifetime.

Our team understands the emotional tie between our clients and their money. That’s why we’ve developed an investment process that manages more than just the numbers on the screen. Traditional investing focuses purely on investment return without much consideration for client sentiment, taxes, or how each investment fits into the broader financial plan.

Our process is to manage each client’s portfolio according to their appetite for risk. We believe the best investment strategy is one you can stick to. Our team discovers your true appetite for risk by crafting your customized portfolio and walking you through a series of market scenarios highlighting how much your portfolio could go down and how far it might go up during various market cycles. We have the universe of investment types at our disposal, and Wayfinder Capital is a fee-only advisor. So, we are never incentivized by kickbacks or commissions.

You can invest with confidence that our criteria for recommendations are tailored to your best interests, not our own.

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